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Adventurous leadership
Simon Ash

Simon Ash MBE: Leader, Adventurer, Coach, Storyteller and Facilitator

Servant leader

Simon started his career as an Army Officer, graduating from the world-renowned Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as the top Officer Cadet joining the Royal Engineers in his intake. He was selected to become a Bomb Disposal officer and went on to serve on various operational tours, across multiple continents.

asking the right questions
Simon as a bomb disposal officer in Bosnia

Upon leaving the Regular Army Simon served in various senior leadership roles, in the private, public and voluntary sectors, managing teams in their hundreds, before starting his own business. His service was recognised with the award of an MBE in 2019.

He is now a leader called upon by those who want to unlock their next level of leadership. He believes that everyone can lead, and he is passionate about serving others by assisting them on their adventure and equipping them with tools to succeed.

“Simon is a fantastic person to work with! He coached me through the toughest decisions a CEO has to make in their career.”

Mait Müntel, CEO and Founder of Lingvist


Simon loves adventure in all its forms. He has mapped archaeological sites in the jungles of Central America, made several first ski ascents and descents of mountains in Greenland, and ran the Dragon’s Back Race (reputedly the world’s toughest mountain race). He is a qualified Mountain Leader and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

adventurous leadership
Simon in Greenland

But being adventurous is more than just going on adventures. Adventure is about expanding horizons, being open to new experiences, keeping a sense of wonder as well as stepping outside of comfort zones. Adventure helps us to learn more about ourselves, gives us empathy for others, connects us to our environment and improves our physical and mental health.

“Guiding someone to the front of their own mind using insightful and timely questions personal to them and their state is a very rare skill, I have only met three people capable of it, Simon being one.”

Will Maunder-Taylor, Partner, CAirngorm Capital

Coach, facilitator and guide

Simon is passionate about serving people through coaching and guiding them on their personal journeys of success.

He is sought out by CEOs, executives and ambitious individuals who want to unlock their next level of leadership and achieve audacious goals.

“Simon is a great coach, with a very efficient and focused method, that allowed me to discover, and find a path to do better in life. His questions really make you think, and more than that they push you to act.”

Pedro Goncalves, CEO of Movendo Capital

Simon regularly facilitates leadership programmes, acting as a teacher and guide to people around the world who want to lead themselves and others better.

“I had the pleasure of having Simon as a coach and facilitator for a Leadership Program at Oxford. He showed great knowledge, empathy and care for the group. I would recommend him to any team or organisation.”

David Cohen Sztutwajner, investments director and Business owner

Storyteller, writer and presenter

Simon writes on a variety of subjects and was a leadership columnist for the online publication Better Humans. He is also a published author.

Simon produces podcasts and videos, as well as speaking at events.

“That was the most useful talk I have ever heard.”

Mark, CEO and leadership webinar attendee

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