Adventurous Leaders Wanted

Do you crave challenge and adventure?

Me too! I am an adventurous soul and I love journeying alongside leaders with similar passions.

Ernest Shackleton has long been a hero of mine and I have always been inspired by the advert he posted for volunteers to come with him to Antarctica. Well I am not going to Antarctica (not just yet at least) but adventure and success are definitely on the menu.

“Through endurance we conquer.”

Ernest Shackleton (author of South)

How to develop as an adventurous leader

I am a great believer in coaching and mentoring of leaders, but coaching based in the context of experience, challenge and adventure. I have various leadership commitments of my own and I see raising up other leaders as part of my key responsibilities of being a leader.

Due to my other commitments, and my approach to coaching and mentoring, I only do one-to-one coaching for a maximum of 10 individuals at any one time. I also only coach people who are equally dedicated. People’s mind-sets and motivations mean more to me than seniority, sector or any other factor. Unlike with the Shackleton advert, you don’t have to be a man in order to apply!

I do now have a couple of coaching slots free so please do contact me if you, or someone you know, fits this bill:

  • Do you have an adventurous mind-set?
  • Do you want to be challenged?
  • Do you want to develop as a leader?
  • Do you want to unlock your creativity?
  • Do you want to make better decisions?
  • Do you want to achieve better balance across all aspects of life?

If the answer is yes to all the questions above please do drop me a line and we can talk further. Looking forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to understand more about my approach to coaching then please read An Introduction to Coaching.

“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.”

Ernest Shackleton (author of South)

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