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Frequently Asked Questions about The Right Questions Framework

Here are some of the most common questions (FAQs) I receive about The Right Questions:

What are The Right Questions?

For an explanation of what The Right Questions are, read About – The Right Questions.

I have big dreams, but people say they are unrealistic. They can never happen, right?

You can achieve way more than you think is possible. Don’t let other people impose their thoughts upon you. They might wish well, but often even our loved ones can place their insecurities, beliefs or failures onto us.

Take me as an example. I was told I would never be much of a leader, but I rose through the officer ranks in the Army. Later on in my career, I was told I was foolish to leave my full-time job and start my own business, but I am happier, wealthier and more fulfilled since taking that step.

I don’t have the time, money or connections to achieve success

Time is a finite resource, but having time is all about prioritisation and timing. Two key parts of what we cover in The Right Questions.

Money is a challenge for most of us, but it is all about working out access to the right resources at the right time. It can happen. 

When I was working as a project manager, on pretty good money, I never thought I would have the cash for one property. Now I have three. 

And it terms of connections, you will see that you are never far away from the connections you need. The Right Questions actually allows you to connect with people – fellow Questors – who can help you. 

Don’t a lot of these frameworks, self-help books and talks take a long time to say not very much?

Well in many cases that is true. But in this situation, you don’t have to read and absorb a large book full of complex theories. The Right Questions is delivered interactively with multimedia resources to support the learning journey.

Aren’t conceptual frameworks too complicated to remember or difficult to apply?

Perhaps you have found an approach or framework to try and help you, but it is been hard to remember and apply

Well, the good news here is that you actually already know the 7 interrogative words that make up the right questions, and the application of each one is very simple, especially once you have been guided through it with others to help you.

But how about if English is not my first language?

Even if English is not your first language it works as it translates easily into most languages and I have coached people successfully from all around the world.

Am I smart enough? Some theory goes over my head, so I am not sure if i am not clever enough for complex theories

The Right Questions is designed by a practitioner for practitioners. I have taught the approach to children and adults, tradespeople and graduates, blue-collar and white-collar workers. It’s not an issue. 

I haven’t tried coaching, but I can’t see how it is effective. Where is the proof?

Well actually there are plenty of studies that show that coaching improves people’s chances of achieving goals. There 

It is true that some coaching is more effective than others but coaching is a proven concept. That’s why top athletes, CEOs and successful individuals have coaches, often spending thousands of dollars for each session.

I’m a professional coach but I still pay for coaching from others. That’s because I know it works and I want the same edge for achieving my next goals. 

I have tried coaching, but it didn’t work out. Does that mean it works for some people but not for me?

Not every coaching relationship or approach is right for everyone. That is why I am selective about who I coach – it is a relationship that must work both ways.

These sorts of coaching programmes are too expensive; surely I can’t afford it?

I have designed the Right Questions programme to be accessible. I indeed charge large sums for 1-2-1 coaching with top executives. But because I am passionate about educating people, I set a price point that is within most people’s means for the relevant coaching or teaching programme.

And the other things to ask yourself, is what is the cost of not doing it? What is the cost of not achieving your goals and dreams?

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Then please do drop me a line via the contact page.