Frequently Asked Questions

Online Coaching Course Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to find out more then here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the course.

Why should you do the Right Questions online coaching course?

The Right Questions online coaching course is a way to access coaching in a manageable, affordable and yet effective way. It does not matter whether you have done coaching of any sort before, the course provides a simple, easy to follow set of steps to help you in your personal development.

The course will help you explore your purpose, become more effective, achieve your goals and gain a deeper fulfilment in life. It will equip you to lead yourself and others better.

This course will help you achieve your goals

I am guessing that if you are looking at coaching resources and online courses then there is something that you really want to achieve or some significant change that you want to make.

So, what is it and how much do you want to succeed?

I ask that because to succeed or effect a meaningful change will require effort and commitment. The fact is, no big lasting achievements come without significant challenge.

There will be times when you question the goal you set yourself. There will be days when you really do not want to engage with the material. You will even question yourself. That voice in your head will tell you not to bother, that you are a failure. It will tell you that the effort is just not worth it.

Don’t listen to that voice!

The course is about developing a growth mindset

The good news is that you can do it. You can overcome. You can succeed!

And how do I know this? Because no matter what challenges you face, there is someone else out there who has faced and overcome similar problems. You are not alone in your struggles.

We can work to change those negative thoughts. In each module, you will receive positive thoughts and practical advice to help you. You will also discover that facing fears and overcoming challenges is not just an unfortunate by-product of success. These struggles often become as important as the goals; they are part of the success.

This is key to understanding a growth mindset.

No matter how big your goal, it is not so big that it cannot be broken down into manageable steps. Think big, but start small.

There are countless stories of overcoming adversity in order to succeed in amazing ways. As a coach, I have had the privilege to witness many such odysseys. We will look at some of these stories on our journey together.

Where will the journey take us?

This course is a journey of discovery as well as a path to achieving your goals.

Each week there will be a step to explore deeper into each theme of the Right Questions framework. These will help you explore your motivation, develop your mission and come up with a workable plan to achieve your goals.

This journey follows ‘The Right Questions’ process, but more about that later!

What do I get?

By signing up and following the links you will be able to access online modules. These are designed to help, inspire and challenge you. 

Each module includes inspirational quotes and stories along with evidence and tools to expand on the theme. There will be questions for your own reflection and exercises to develop your own thinking.

As you work through the exercises, you will build up a journal of your insights and learning. This will help to record and encapsulate your thinking.

This, in turn, will be refined and distilled down to create a Personal Strategy and Action Plan.

By the end of the course, you will also have a new toolbox for success. This will be full of new skills, exercises and models that you can continue to use yourself and teach to others.

You will also have developed some key habits: the habits of goal setting, reflection and continuous learning. These are habits that lead to success.

How does the online coaching course work?

The course works by guiding you on a journey, using a proven framework to develop a personal strategy and plan for success.

The course is designed to harness the powerful psychology behind performance coaching, effective learning, positive habit formation, and more besides.

There will be pointers towards the evidence and further resources for you to explore along the way.

It does this by giving you bite-sized interventions, so you will get to maintain your progress, build momentum through incremental gains, instil new learning, and develop new habits, all in manageable chunks.

How can I get the best out of this coaching course?

You can read the content of the course in just a few minutes every day. The amount of time you want to put into the exercises and your reflections is up to you, but I would recommend no less than 10 mins and 20-30 minutes would probably be ideal.

There is, of course, no upper limit to how much time you can spend on this. The course content provides a starting point for thinking. Some of the exercises in the course I have personally done multiple times – both individually and with clients – each time getting a new or deeper understanding.

There will also be references to other material so if you want to spend more time and delve into something, you will have the pointers to do that too.

How long will it take to finish and when should I do it?

The course has 49 sections in total, designed so that there is a section per day, for 7 weeks.

Why 49 days I hear you say, that sounds like a long time! The research around personal development has shown that it takes, on average, between 30 and 70 days to develop a new habit. You will learn not just to achieve goals, but develop the habits and learn the tools that mean you can continue to succeed.

And, I’m guessing another question you have is: why daily exercises? This is because effective learning comes through multiple, manageable interventions and the chance to think, act and experiment with that new information.

How much does the online coaching cost?

The average cost of a single life coaching session is £50-100 in the UK or $80-150 dollars in the US. Many coaches, especially executive coaches charge a lot more with sessions in excess of $500 each time. The average length of a session is 30-60 mins. This time and cost equation is often a blocker for people.

The cost of this online course is usually £99, which is amazing value when you consider that it has 49 sessions worth of material for the cost of one face-to-face life coaching session.

But for a limited time, because I am updating the material, I am offering the course completely FOR FREE!

So now is the time to sign up!

Which process does the course use?

The online course follows the proven Right Questions framework, each week going through the seven steps of the process and each time adding a new layer of learning, deeper understanding and application with relevant tools and exercises.

This coaching course will develop the disciplines of thinking, learning, reflection, goal setting, prioritisation and forward momentum into your life.

Those powerful disciplines are worth two months of your life, especially when actually it will only be minutes of each day you will be committing. Minutes that you might have just have wasted doing something less productive.

Who will help me?

First and foremost, I will help you! I am here to be your coach and your guide on your journey.

We will be looking at creating personal mission statements later in the course but now is a good time to share mine. My mission in life is:

To encourage, equip and empower every person I get to meet on my journey, in order that they are better prepared to thrive on their journey and achieve their goals.

That is how I want to serve you.

This course is designed with that goal in mind. It is also based on the experience and success of countless other people who have engaged with this material.

And if you need more help, just drop me a line and ask.

You will also help yourself by developing discipline. Remember, no one can force someone to be coached. An individual has to desire change and be motivated for success. 

You can’t steer a static car – there needs to be some movement. Once you have some movement you can work on building momentum and ensuring the direction is correct.

So, if you really want to succeed, if you are willing to commit, if you are prepared to face challenges, then this online coaching course is for you.

What do I need to do?

You are only seconds away from starting the adventure! Just click on the link below, fill in your details and you can begin!