How do I create a Mind Map and what is the best Mind Mapping software?

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The basics of making a Mind Map and some of the top Mind Mapping software to help you get started

In the last post, I wrote about what Mind Mapping is and why it is so effective. In this post, I will cover how to create a Mind Map and discuss some of the best Mind Mapping software that is available. This will help if you want to make Mind Maps on a computer or another device.

How do I create a Mind Map?

It is very simple. Start with a blank piece of paper in landscape (rather than portrait) orientation. Draw an image in the centre that sums up the subject of the whole mind map. Now create lines that branch out from the central image for your main subheadings. Use one word or image per branch and keep the length of the branch to the size of the word or picture. Use larger sized letter, lines and images towards the centre of the Mind Map and let them become smaller as they fan out.

I have created a Mind Map and turned it into a video presentation (on iMindMap) that sums up the basic principles and techniques of Mind Mapping. This will give you an idea of how a subject (such as the content of this post) can be summed up successfully with Mind Mapping.

You can access the video via The Right Questions YouTube channel or watch the embedded film below.

What is the best Mind Mapping Software?

I started off just drawing Mind Maps freehand but I now also use software too. I love the absolute freedom of freehand Mind Mapping. But now – more often than not – I have my computer on me rather than a notepad. Software options are also good for sharing Mind Maps. Hand-drawn Mind Maps can be harder to read and there is never a copier or scanner to hand when you need one. With software-based Mind Maps, it is very easy to save, reproduce and share Mind Maps that are legible and look professional.


Some Mind Mapping software, such as iMindMap (now replaced by Ayoa) also have cloud-based backup and collaboration tools available on their premier products. This is a very useful addition when using Mind Maps in a business context. I have found iMindMap very easy to use; within ten minutes of downloading it, I had produced my first Mind Map. There is an example below showing a Mind Map that I created about The Right Questions.

mind mapping software - the right questions


I now make my videos using Videoscribe. As you can see from my YouTube channel (The Right Questions), I incorporate many of the principles of mind mapping in how I create these videos. The software is easy to use and I enjoy creating content with it.

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  1. It is very easy creative tool to express our feelings or large information data in decorative and non boring manner.

  2. Mind map term is an interesting thing to design our ideas in a colourful and amazing way. mind maps helps the person to get more ideas about once target ,theme or dream. While drawing it, more ideas will comes to mind and due to which once dream will come true and he/ she will achieve success.

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