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These articles contain reviews and recommendations for further resources that complement The Right Questions approach. You will find book reviews, website recommendations and much more in this category.


These posts give an introduction to The Right Questions decision making framework. They explain the history, philosophy and psychology behind the approach and also provide an overview of the system.

Stage 3: Developing a Plan

The third section on planning uses the questions how, who and when to explore the detail needed to deliver on your desired course of action in alignment with your overall strategy.

Stage 2: The Reflection Point

The second part or stage is called the ‘reflection point’. This stage covers the ‘which’ questions concerned with options, risk and opportunity.

In every decision making cycle you consider your options in the light of the situation, the risks and opportunities. This reflection point either takes you back to Stage 1, and a further iteration of refining the Strategic Framing, or onto Stage 3, Developing a Plan, where an actionable plan can be created for the chosen course of action, fulfilling the strategy.

Which? Options, Risks and Opportunities

Stage 1: Strategic Framing

The initial questions of why (principles, priorities and passions) where (situation and vision) and what (mission, success criteria) provide the strategic framing for any plans we make. The quality of the options we develop to achieve success and the effectiveness of our planning depends largely on the development of the overall strategy.


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