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Free personal action plan workbook
The Right Questions Workbook

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The Right Questions Workbook

The Right Questions is a planning and decision-making framework based upon asking interrogative questions. The idea for the approach is rooted in Simon Ash’s experience as a bomb disposal officer. The framework has then been developed through research, application in management roles, and coaching of senior leaders.

The Right Questions approach can be used for individuals or groups who want to plan strategically and make effective decisions. 

How to use this workbook

This workbook shows how you can use The Right Questions approach to achieve personal life goals. The book is designed to be interactive and to build into a personal action plan that you can keep. 

You can either print off the book and fill it in by hand, write out the exercises in a notebook, or use the template electronically. The workbook is structured so you can complete the exercises as you go along and the action plan naturally builds as you follow through the steps.

There is introductory information for each step but you will also find hyperlinks to more in-depth advice and further exercises that can help you along the way. 

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