Coaching for people who dream big and set audacious goals.  A holistic approach that combines the best of executive coaching, performance coaching and leadership development


Partnering with innovative teams to facilitate strategy development, project management and embracing change


Facilitation of meetings, workshops and events for team learning, strategy and change

Executive coaching

Why do so many CEOs have a coach?

How executive coaching helps senior leaders   To be an Executive is to be a decision maker Being an Executive, by definition, is someone who makes decisions and puts them into action. Board members generally have a lot of experience they can lean on when making decisions but being at the top, particularly being the CEO, […]


An Introduction to Coaching

Why I Coach I love coaching because I am passionate about equipping people to more effective in whatever it is they want to achieve. It is a pleasure to work with smart, motivated people who have high aspirations and the drive to achieve their goals.  The people I work with generally are looking for improvement, […]

leading in organisational change

Developing Effective Change Leadership

What do we need for successful change? My previous post dealt with the importance of organisational change, this one goes on to look at how change leadership is needed for effective transformation. People don’t necessarily find change easy but change is essential.  Organisations have to change, it is inevitable, but managing that change effectively is […]

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“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.” Francis Bacon

Welcome! My name is Simon Ash and I founded The Right Questions because I am passionate about equipping individuals, teams and organisations to become more effective at reaching their goals.

To do this I run alongside people to find creative and adventurous ways to plan, solve problems, deliver projects and ultimately realise a vision.

I love to be part of the process of discovery, where people find out what they are truly passionate about, then anchoring these values into strategy, identifying ideas for the future and nurturing those ideas from dreams to reality. Along the way I assist people in challenging their preconceptions, seeing things from new perspectives and then relishing the journey to whatever goal they have in mind.

The Right Questions name comes from a simple decision making process that was devised to help individuals and organisations become more effective in developing strategy and achieving their aims.

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