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failure to lead

My Many Leadership Failures

Lessons I have learned dealing with my own failure in various leadership roles When was the last time you failed as a leader? How long ago was it; weeks, days, (hours)? I certainly don’t have to think very far back to find failure.  I was listening to Brené Brown’s excellent book ‘Dare to Lead’ and thought I […]

thinking environment

How do you create the best thinking environment?

Guidelines, components and questions of a Thinking Environment How do you create a thinking environment where people can be at their best? This would be somewhere they can think effectively and creatively, experiment and fail, reflect and learn, address challenges and make the best decisions. Does this describe your working or learning environment? It could […]

perspective, reduce stress

Feeling stressed? This can help you get a better perspective

How to Reduce Stress by Keeping Things in Perspective If you are feeling stressed, take a few moments to look at this picture. Don’t rush and read on just yet; give yourself a few seconds to take in the colours, think about how you feel, and identify the little blue dot. Don’t try and rub […]

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