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steve jobs leadership interview

Be More Steve – Decision Making the Steve Jobs Way

If you want to improve decision making and set good priorities then take this lesson from Steve Jobs The 5th October marked eight years since we lost Steve Jobs but his impact and wisdom lives on.  Last week I was reminded of the key to decision making and setting priorities. What Steve Jobs did was […]

core values

What Are Your Personal Values?

Why you need to know your core values and how you can find them Values are the principles and beliefs by which we live our life and make our decisions. If you want to effectively lead yourself and lead others then you need to be aware of what those values are. Are you feeling unhappy […]

How to Manage Difficult Conversations

There are many times in life when difficult conversations come up. Many of the most challenging chats happen with family or friends, but most people – and especially leaders – seek guidance for uncomfortable discussions that come up in a work context. What is the most difficult conversation you have ever had? One of the […]

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