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Executive coaching

Why do so many CEOs have a coach?

How executive coaching helps senior leaders   To be an Executive is to be a decision maker Being an Executive, by definition, is someone who makes decisions and puts them into action. Board members generally have a lot of experience they can lean on when making decisions but being at the top, particularly being the CEO, […]


An Introduction to Coaching

Why I Coach I love coaching because I am passionate about equipping people to more effective in whatever it is they want to achieve. It is a pleasure to work with smart, motivated people who have high aspirations and the drive to achieve their goals.  The people I work with generally are looking for improvement, […]

leading in organisational change

Developing Effective Change Leadership

What do we need for successful change? My previous post dealt with the importance of organisational change, this one goes on to look at how change leadership is needed for effective transformation. People don’t necessarily find change easy but change is essential.  Organisations have to change, it is inevitable, but managing that change effectively is […]

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“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.” Francis Bacon


The Right Questions website is a resource for people who want to live life well. It started out in 2011 as a blog looking at strategic thinking, decision making and planning, but has grown to be so much more.

The Right Questions story has been one of discovery. That to truly excel in work you need balance in the rest of life. Being happy is not just about achieving goals but enjoying the journey. Most of our challenges are rooted in wrong assumptions. Everyone is a leader because everyone has influence and worth.

The Right Questions has a growing community of people who are connected through a joint desire to be happier and more effective in their leadership and their lives in general. The Right Questions exists for people to share and equip each other to achieve these aims.

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