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About The Right Questions

The Right Questions is a 7-step framework for personal improvement that can be learned in minutes. The Right Questions framework has many applications but is primarily used for coaching people who want to:

- Unlock their full leadership potential
- Think critically and solve problems
- Make better decisions
- Achieve their life goals

Why The Right Questions? Because, as Francis Bacon observed:

“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.”

In other words, if we ask the right questions, we get the right answers and we can achieve our goal.

The Right Questions is more than just a framework, it is a movement of Questers pursuing their adventure. That is because the words 'quest' and 'question' both have the same Latin root; 'quaerere' meaning 'to seek' or 'to ask'. So if you are an inquisitive person, pursuing a larger goal, then you are in the right place.

Wherever you are on your journey, you have questions about how best to proceed. I would love to help! My passion is to serve people, through guiding them and equipping them with tools, so they can lead themselves and others better, as they strive towards their end goal. There are many ways to achieve this so please explore the various options on the website and see what suits you.

The original idea for The Right Questions came from my experience as a Bomb Disposal Officer, so if you would like to hear more of that story then click on the 'Red wire or blue wire' button below.

If I can help you further, please drop me a message via the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy the adventure!

Red wire or blue wire?

What People Think About The Right Questions

“I had the pleasure of having Simon as a coach and facilitator for a Leadership Program at Oxford. He showed great knowledge, empathy and care for the group. I would recommend him to any team or organisation.”


David Cohen Sztutwajner, Investments Director and Business Owner

“Simon was really excellent in helping me to focus on taking action. His style requires a high degree of commitment and that is exactly what you need if you want to change anything! His approach was really refreshing and things like walking coaching and more unconventional venues were great for helping to stimulate new thinking. Simon is an outstanding listener and asks really thought-provoking and challenging questions. I took real concrete actions as a result of our time together, and made progress much faster than I ever would have without him.”

Alex Mackenzie, Director of Global Partnerships
Pedro Goncalves, CEO, Movendo Capital

“Guiding someone to the front of their own mind using insightful and timely questions personal to them and their state is a very rare skill, I have only met three people capable of it, Simon being one.”

Will Maunder-Taylor, Global VP of Sales, Checkit

“Simon has an excellent ability to listen and deeply understand complex situations. This equips him well to help teams find insights and solutions.”

Patrick McDonald, Senior Partner, Openwell Ltd

“Simon is a fantastic person to work with! He coached me through the toughest decisions a CEO has to make in their career.”

Mait Müntel, CEO and Founder of Lingvist

“I strongly recommend this elegant, simple, insightful approach.”

Nick Chatrath, Managing Director, Artesian Group

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Masterclass webinars, with exclusive group sizes to ensure maximum interaction and learning. “That was the most useful talk I have ever heard.” […]

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