Be More Steve – Decision Making the Steve Jobs Way

If you want to improve decision making and set good priorities then take this lesson from Steve Jobs

The 5th October 2019 marked eight years since we lost Steve Jobs but his impact and wisdom lives on.  Last week I was reminded of the key to decision making and setting priorities.

What Steve Jobs did was actually really simple, and seemingly common sense.  He would work out the one most important thing he could be doing on any day, and then he would do that.

In his own words:

“Prioritization sounds like such a simple thing, but true prioritization starts with a very difficult question to answer, especially at a company with a portfolio approach: If you could only do one thing, what would it be? And you can’t rationalize the answer, and you can’t attach the one thing to some other things. It’s just the one thing.”

Steve Jobs

It was last week, listening to Rachel Carrell, founder of Koru Kids that I was reminded of this lesson to ‘be more Steve’ when it comes to prioritisation and decision making.

And guess what? Steve Jobs learnt this from Jerry Yang, the CEO of Yahoo. So to ‘be more Steve’ is not just to set good priorities, it is also to learn from other leaders as every interaction and exposure to another leader is a chance to grow.

You can read the full interview in the New York Times here:

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